Professionals. Executives. TRADESMEN.

Performers. Dreamers.

Being a leader in business doesn't mean you show up to work dressed to the nines. You train and equip those who rely on you while wearing the "suit" that fits your profession. Your portrait should show you at your best…in your environment and style. 

The internet is frequently the first point of contact people have with you and your company. Portraits are essential to anyone wanting to make a strong first impression and communicate their personal brand. Whether they are used on social media profiles, websites, or in printed marketing materials, a well-crafted portrait can convey confidence, expertise, and approachability to potential clients and colleagues.

Consider it an opportunity to introduce yourself and communicate your values, personality, and style. 

A portrait of Todd Short, an artist from Oak Hill, WV, in front of his painting of a nearby historic building.
A young woman wearing a black hat and maroon blouse poses for a one-of-a-kind portrait with a longhorn steer.
A moody portrait of woman wearing a Charlie 1 Horse hat and a denim shirt.
Bob Tallman, owner of Bobby T’s Beef Jerky, poses for a portrait on his ranch.
A member of the Quasar Energy Services team is photographed next to his truck.
A woman poses casually for a portrait in a business lobby.
A FedEx executive poses with their last-mile delivery robot in the lobby of the company headquarters.
A FedEx Office executive poses in front of custom art in the lobby of their headquarters.
A portrait of a Chili’s Grill & Bar executive posed next to a booth in one of their restaurants.
A dentist poses for a portrait in front of artwork in his office.
An retail executive sits at desk for her portrait.
A chef at the corporate office of Chili’s Grill & Bar leans against a restaurant booth for his executive portrait.
A Denton County realtor poses for a portrait in front of a property she listed.
A dentist poses in front of a well known lake for a portrait that will be used to market her business to her community.
A well dressed young woman, wearing a hard hat, poses in the lobby of a historic hotel while it is being renovated.
A college-aged professional leans against a handrail at the JCPenney headquarters.
A tattooed artist and author is photographed in a park for portrait that will be used in a promotional packet.
A group of JCPenney executives and managers pose in front of a statue of James Cash Penney at the company headquarters.
Sales managers at Koenig & Bauer pose next to a 9’ fabrication of the company’s logo.

"Be yourself because everyone else is taken"

- Oscar Wilde

It is easy to look at someone else in a different situation and want to be like them. It's inspiring and encouraging, right? One problem with trying to be like someone else is that they have walked a different path, had different experiences, and learned lessons entirely unique to them. When we try to copy what they did, it doesn't look or feel genuine. It isn't honest.

What are you wearing? Where are you? Do you look comfortable in your environment? Are you portraying a look that isn't true to you? People will trust you based on how much they trust your image.

I am passionate about creating a portrait that tells a genuine and honest story about you.

You have a lot to offer. Let people see what makes you unique.

Eric was so easy to work with! Friendly, professional, and proficient. He was well-organized, and very creative during the shoot. We are so happy with our photographs and look forward to working with him again"

Capital Ranch Real Estate


Can I come to your studio?

For over 15 years, I have shot on-location by bringing the studio to my clients. Over the years, I have repeatedly seen that my clients are comfortable and look more confident when the photoshoot takes place in their office, ranch, or neighborhood that they know and love. A bonus - it is convenient because you don't have to travel across town. Let's find the location where you feel confident and will look your best.


Head to the contact page. Answer a few quick questions, and I'll follow up. I'm excited to hear about your photoshoot.


Depending on the number of selections to be delivered and the complexity of retouching needed, final images are typically delivered between two and seven days after receiving a list of choices. Let me know If you have a specific deadline for your images. I'll be happy to make plans to accommodate you.


From removing the reflection of a construction crane in the windows of corporate headquarters to reducing wrinkles in a portrait, retouching is one of the many tools I use to create great images. Sometimes it is as simple as making basic adjustments to the color and exposure of an image. Other times, extensive compositing and manipulation are necessary to create the image we envisioned. I do most of my retouching but also work with several incredibly talented retouchers for projects requiring very specialized skills.

What should I wear?

When selecting your outfits for a headshot, the first thing to do is select outfits that make you feel confident and are appropriate for your industry and your position. Here are some general guidelines to keep in mind:

• Remember, your portrait tells a little about you, and who you are, so your clothes should represent your personality, style, and the look that people recognize you for.
• Avoid clothing with distracting patterns. Bright colors and logos are acceptable if they don't become the focal point in your images. There are always exceptions to the rules. If you are a fashion designer or wearing your own designs, you may want the focus on your clothes so we would treat the portrait session like a fashion shoot.
• Make sure your clothing is clean, ironed, and well-fitted.
• Bring your freshly ironed or steamed outfits to the photoshoot on a hanger to ensure your clothes look their best.
• Avoid wearing too much jewelry or accessories, as they can also be distracting.
• Wear closed-toe shoes.
• Make sure your hair and makeup are styled professionally.

Remember that these guidelines aren't a perfect fit for everyone. I want you to look your best and will be happy to answer your questions as you prepare.


Let's discuss the details of your photoshoot and sort out what we need. Each photoshoot is different and requires different things. For portraits and headshots, I'll ask you to bring additional outfits and things like hair and makeup products. For commercial shoots, it might be as simple as a list of restaurants to order lunch from or a ladder to shoot from. Other times the project may require something specific like a scissor lift.

A safe bet and something that is always appreciated - coffee!