howdy, I'm eric.

My passion is creating brand-driven images that showcase the talents and services of my clients. Since 2004 I have had the honor of partnering with fantastic clients in various industries to create images for marketing and communications.

Sometimes I create images that tell a story about who is in front of my camera. Other times I create the visual elements for corporate communications. Regardless of what I am shooting, I work to communicate the message that a project aims to tell.

You are not to be overlooked. Let everyone know who you are and the value of what you do.

Show off your brand.

A headshot of Eric.



Growing up in the stunning mountains of southern West Virginia, there was inspiration everywhere I looked. When I was a young boy, I picked up the family camera and began taking pictures of flowers, sunsets, and all of our pets. My interest in photography grew for years as I tried to create photos that replicated what I saw. My parents bought a lot of film! While in college, I bought a Canon Rebel 2000, my first SLR, and instantly knew I was hooked for life. 

To understand the mechanics of creating images, I carried my camera everywhere. Methodically taking notes about my camera settings, the type of light, the time of day, I constantly studied my work and the impact my settings had on my images. Knowing I could make a career out of photography, I bought a digital camera body and began working in photo studios all around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. As I worked for other photographers, I honed my skills by learning digital file management, lighting design, set building, styling, and retouching for advertising and marketing projects.

Several people encouraged me to build my own list of clients, but when a friend recognized my insecurity and offered a challenge, I knew I had to accept it. Having shot for him several times for free, he would only allow me to shoot additional projects if I sent him an invoice. His confidence in my abilities encouraged me to go after more work and, as the complexity of my work grew, so did my list of clients.

Why do I do what I do?

To Create powerful imagery

for brands.

I grew up in a family-owned hardware and manufacturing business in West Virginia. As the business grew, so did my dad's responsibilities and the amount of time he spent dealing with advertising, employees, purchasing, and all the other time-consuming things an entrepreneur is responsible for.

By creating images that build brand awareness and customer loyalty. My view on this is very simple - when I produce and deliver images that help grow my clients business, I take stress off their shoulders so they can focus on other things. Ultimately, it allows them to continue to provide for their family as they grow the business. Whether the project is a campaign for an agency or branding photos for a small business owner, I work hard to ensure that my clients can relax while we work together.

You know your business. I know how to create images that make your business stand out.

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