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Farm & Ranch

Rich in culture and history, farms and ranches are steeped in traditions passed through generations by the unsung heroes that care for the land and animals. It is an honor to showcase the culture and tireless efforts of these incredible men and women.

A cowboy poses with his prized horse as the sun sets behind them.
A Jersey cow stands in a Texas pasture.
Leighton Berry with his ranch rope in hand, sits atop his horse looking into the distance as he scans his training ring.
A dairy farmer walks through the feed barn to check on his cows as they eat.
A dairy farmer, surrounded by cows, squats in his pasture to evaluate the health of the grass.
A portrait of a diary farmer wearing a Dairy Farmers of America baseball hat.
A dairy farmer checks the quality of feed that was just put out in the feed barn.
A group of cows graze in a west Texas pasture as storm clouds form in the distance.
A pair of farmers in Oklahoma check the health of their pasture.
A west Texas beef producer, wearing a denim shirt and black cowboy hat, leans against his truck as he watches his herd.
A cow waits anxiously as a farmer puts out its favorite treat, alfalfa pellets.
A rancher walks his fence line during a cool spring evening.
After a spring rain, a pair of horses graze on lush and plentiful grass in East Texas.
A group of cows that can’t wait for a hay bales to be spread on the ground eat their snack from the trailer.
A ranch hand welds a broken cattle pen.
Rodeo Champion

Leighton Berry

With a passion for the traditions and culture of the cowboy lifestyle, Leighton has quickly made a name for himself on the professional rodeo circuit and became one of the sport's top-ranked bareback riders.

I'm not often at a loss for words, but right now, I don't know what to say other than your photos are amazing.
Thank you so much!

Bob Tallman