Showcase your business in a consistent and natural way by creating marketing assets out of everyday moments.

An exterior architectural shot of the Floor & Decor Design Studio in Dallas.
A young couple looks at a Floor & Decor product brochure while shopping for tile.
A young couple meets with a Floor & Decor designer to to review their product choices.
A sales rep at Floor & Decor shows off large format tile samples.

"Your work product was top-notch, and your customer service and attention to detail are excellent. I so appreciated partnering with you on this project!"

Counterpart Communication Design

When used to create a specific image or aesthetic, lifestyle photography can reflect your company's values and target audience. This type of imagery can help establish your brand's personality and position it in a certain way within the market, leading to increased brand recognition and loyalty.

A young woman talks on her phone in front of a building covered in custom graphics installed by FedEx Office.
A large format printer at a FedEx Office Commercial Printing Center creates large graphics for a convention.
Large banners and graphics, printed by FedEx Office, are installed at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas.
Many banners and standup graphics printed by a FedEx Office Commercial Print Center displayed in a convention center.
A large format printer at a FedEx Office Commercial Printing Center creates large graphics for a convention.
A FedEx Office associate at one of the companies’ Commercial Printing Centers prepares  large graphics for shipping.
A FedEx Office associate sets a box of convention booklets on a shelf ready to be shipped to the client.
A box of convention booklets printed by FedEx Office are unpackaged in preparation be being distributed at a convention.
Large conference graphics and signage printed by FedEx Office are seen at the entrance of a hotel and convention center.
Custom, large format graphics printed by FedEx Office, are applied to the elevator doors of a convention center.

Creating images that show how your products or services fit into your customer’s everyday life makes it possible to develop an emotional connection by building a perception of authenticity and trust.

Leighton Berry looks to the side as he rides his horse through his training ring.
Leighton Berry with his ranch rope in hand, sits atop his horse looking into the distance as he scans his training ring.
Leighton Berry poses with his horse in a field of high grass.
Leighton Berry wears a Hooey pullover while on an evening ride.
Leighton Berry wears a denim jacket from Hooey on a cool fall evening as he takes an evening ride.
Leighton Berry, is silhouetted against a golden evening sky.
A Walmart customer walks into an in-store FedEx Office Store to ship her purchases.
A FedEx Office associate prepares a customers items to be boxed and shipped.
A FedEx Office associate discusses shipping options with a customer.
A FedEx Office associate shows a customer the custom vinyl banner they ordered.
A customer hands a FedEx Office associate a USB drive filled with documents that will be printed and shipped.
A woman picks up a package at a FedEx Office located in her local Walmart Supercenter.


I don't see prices on your website. Can I get a quote?

The majority of the work I do is based on specific client needs. I will be happy to prepare an estimate for you. I'll need some information to get started and may ask a few more questions in order to iron out specific details. Here's a list of some basic information to get us started:
• What is the date and location of your shoot?
• What type of images do you need? (Portraits, Headshots, Personal Branding, Commercial, Editorial, Food, Product, Drone etc.)
• How will you be using the images? (Marketing, Communications, Advertisements, Social Media campaigns, etc.)
• Do you have an estimate of the number of final images you need?

Can I see images during the photoshoot?

Of course! Many clients love to be able to review images and make selections while we are still on-set, so images are transmitted to an iPad or laptop during the shoot.

Do you travel for photoshoots?

Absolutely! I've traveled extensively for my work and will be happy to pack my bags for your shoot.

Can you also provide drone photo and video?

Yes, I hold a current FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification (#4431178). In some locations, I will need to obtain approval from the FAA.
Unplanned Temporary Flight Restrictions, airspace restrictions, weather, and other issues may prevent flight operations.

I will need stylists and rentals. Can you make recommendations?

Since 2002 I have worked with many incredible production crews and can bring in great hair/makeup stylists, wardrobe stylists, prop/interior stylists, and food stylists. I can also fully produce a shoot that needs location rentals, furniture rentals, vehicle rentals, and nearly anything else needed to create unique images for your vision.

How long does delivery take?

Depending on the number of selections to be delivered and the complexity of retouching needed, final images are typically delivered between two and seven days after receiving a list of selections. Let me know If you have a specific deadline for your photos; I'll be happy to make plans to accommodate you.