Food & Product

It is common for shoppers to research a company or product before purchasing by looking at websites, social media profiles, and online reviews. High-quality food and product photography play a crucial role in a competitive marketplace by creating unique images that attract and retain customers as they research how and where to spend their hard-earned money.

Fresh beef resting on a cutting board waiting to be trimmed into steaks by a chef.

You eat with your eyes first.

That phrase is well-known in the culinary industry because it is true.

We're all more likely to order or dig into a dish that looks mouthwatering in a photo. Whether it's for a restaurant menu, a food blog, or an advertising campaign, food photography dramatically influences how people perceive and enjoy food. 

A ceramic measuring cup is overflowing with dark chocolate chips on a grey kitchen counter.
A stack of caramel and macadamia nut cookies from Central Market.
The rim of a blue, enameled latte mug is dusted with cinnamon.
A fresh double espresso in a white demitasse mug and saucer, shot from overhead, sits on layer of black river rock.
A chicken and strawberry garden salad staged with a bowl of tortilla chips and a glass of iced tea.
A bundle of green onions tied with twine rests on a bamboo cutting board.
Six freshly cut types of steak are laid out on two separate cutting boards and styled with fresh herbs and spices.
Five ribeye steaks being grilled over charcoal with and assortment of peppers, pearl onions, and cherry tomatoes.

The quality of product and food photography is very influential to consumers as they make purchasing decisions. With social media platforms making it easier to showcase products and services to a broader audience, product photography is even more important.

A custom made necklace and earring set made of 18K yellow gold and turquoise gemstone.
A marquise cut sapphire surrounded by baguette cut diamonds is set in a silver woman’s ring.
A square cut alexandrite gemstone is set in a custom yellow gold and diamond pendant that is hanging on a gold necklace.
An abstract globe piece of decor sitting on a table next to a couch covered with blue and white throw pillows.
A teal and while colored, diamond patterned throw pillow sits on a white washed hallway bench.
Three sizes of ceramic kitchen canisters, numbered 1, 2, & 3, sit on a counter surrounded by baking supplies and cookies
A table setting seen from above. Silverware bundled in a floral pattern napkin sitting on a stack of decorative plates.
A detail photograph of an ornately scrolled plate rim with a folded napkin and a gold trimmed fork.
A vintage tin water pitcher sitting in front of fresh cut flower buds and a bundle of twine with dark and moody lighting
A tired puppy lays in the middle of a Think Tank camera bag that is surrounded by the bag's contents.
The Skydio Beacon staged on a dark background with low-key lighting.
A closeup photo of the gimbal of a Skydio 2+ drone that is shot on a dark background with low-key lighting.
A Skydio 2+ drone photographed from a low angle with low-key lighting against a dark background.
A detail shot of the side of a revolver shot against a black background and low-key lighting.
Using low-key lighting, a Smith & Wesson revolver is laid on a dark table with the focus on the gold S&W logo.

Our client saw an immediate increase in sales when your images were rolled out in their new sales materials.

Cultivate Agency


You mostly photograph people, why do you also shoot food and product?

Before I began shooting full-time, I spent several years working with talented food and product photographers as a photo assistant, digital tech, and retoucher for photoshoots that produced work seen in grocery stores, restaurants, and magazines nationwide. Those experiences taught me how to previsualize, produce, style, and create a photograph for commercial use and also helped develop my confidence as a photographer. I love and thrive in the challenges of precise, still-life work and am excited about each new project that allows me to flex those muscles.

Do you have a studio?

Because so many of my clients value the work I do on location, I don't operate a studio. Everything that is needed to produce and execute a photoshoot is brought to your location, making it easier for you and your team. A studio can be rented for projects that need a specialized space.

Can you recommend a stylist?

Absolutely! I have a list of crew that I love to work with.
Photo Assistants, Digit Techs, Retouchers, Food Stylists, Still and Lifestyle Stylists, Photo Producers, Video Editors, etc. If a specific crew member is needed, I have someone to recommend and bring on board.