The World Around Me

Sunsets inspired me to pick up a camera for the first time as a child. After many years in the photography industry, it is still exciting to photograph the beauty of God's creation.

Frost covered wild flowers are backlit by a Taos, NM sunrise.
A gorgeous sunset silhouettes a cactus on a family farm in Italy, TX.
A severe thunderstorm moves over a small farmhouse that sits in the middle of a corn field in Avalon, Texas
A trickle of water allows grass to survive in a dried up lake bed.
Sunbeams break through the clouds and light up the area around a Eureka Springs farm.
A shelf cloud filled with hail stones move over a hay field in Italy, Texas.
A detail photo of fog settling on the water of a cypress swam at Caddo Lake.
A dead and weather worn tree stands tall and proud atop a rock formation in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.
A wooden power boat, sits abandoned in a West Texas pasture.
An abandoned farmhouse in the Texas panhandle shows that it’s best days are behind it as it collapses in on itself.