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about Eric

My journey into photography began deep in the heart of the mountains of West Virginia. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and the vibrant changing colors of the seasons, I grew up in awe of God’s creation. It was the stunning variety of the seasons in the mountains that first drew me into capturing the unique beauty around me with a camera. In college I discovered the joy of photographing people and spent several years shooting in my free time. In 2004, when Eric Priddy Photography was born as a side job, I realized that my hobby would soon become a career, and dove headfirst into the world of commercial photography. For several years I worked as a photo assistant and digital technician to some of the best shooters in the country. Learning the craft, absorbing the knowledge they had to offer, and working in ever-changing environments, I got a first class education in the craft I love. In 2009, I realized my days of assisting other photographers were coming to an end and decided it was time to make use of the experience and knowledge I had gained to focus solely on my own work.

As a client, don’t be surprised to see me show up to a shoot with a mug of coffee in my hand then, later, asking where to find more! I also love bluegrass, which drives my wife crazy. I frequently do happy dances, enjoy a good laugh and have a voice that is easily heard…even when I whisper. My attitude during a shoot is laid back and casual, although I’m very serious about the job at hand because my clients matter to me.

Let’s enjoy a cup of coffee together, perhaps an espresso or two, and discuss your shoot. I promise, I’ll keep the bluegrass to myself. 

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Proud Member of Professional Photographers of America